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As this year closes, a new year opens with a further evolution of The Pot Kiln that has sustained due to its capacity to adapt and manage change throughout its long trading history.
Over the last three centuries The Pot Kiln site has endured by adapting to social and economic changes and which is what we must do also. Our aim is to evolve the Pot Kiln Country Pub into the Pot Kiln Country Club - a public residential club with rural courses, topical lectures, live events, wedding hire and a club culture that reflects our relationship with the immediate countryside and our  heritage.

Brick and pot manufacturers once dug out clay and burned wood from our surrounding fields and forests and fired bricks and pots in their kilns. Today 80% of our menu is made up of nutritious wild food from Yattendon Estate’s neighbouring Hawkridge Wood and so we continue the tradition of living off the land. The Lord Iliffe's Yattendon Estate of 9000 acres of woodland and farmland is now our larder for wild and nutritious food - by evolving, we can maintain and or subsidise The Pot Kiln Bar without changing its much-loved look and feel.

The Estate, our new partner, has committed £900,000 to help secure the future of The Pot Kiln for many centuries to come - its funding covers the construction costs for ten guest rooms and an extension at the rear of the main pub, for a new kitchen and additional dining space. In turn these renovations, by increasing capacity, will help maintain The Pot Kiln as a public house while improving the look and condition of the rear north side. The additional business will also secure an affordable local for our loyal drinking regulars of neighbours, ramblers and cyclists

who can continue to enjoy propping up our old bar - a bar serving pints of quality West Berks Brewery ale with a brimming fresh baked roll.
 With a new kitchen inside and a Wild Food BBQ Kitchen outside, once again, we will see the return of some PK Classics including our legendary Venison Scotch Eggs, Giant Deer Dogs, Muntjac Skewers and a Poachers Plate big enough to feed an army of cyclists and ramblers.

Building works start in January. After fourteen years of Katie’s sweat capital keeping Mike's vision for The Pot Kiln alive, and some Planning Application and Business Development magic by Rocky, we are setting out to raise the final £150,000 - funds required to fit out and furnish the new kitchen and rooms alongside various much needed repairs and renewals. We have been offered loans, had clearance for crowd funding and proposals from prospective venture capitalists.

However, we have come to the conclusion that we would rather share the future with our existing customers, staff, suppliers and families. Accordingly, we have established a Members Club to raise the remaining capital from Club Subscriptions and that gives our Founding Members a valuable, tangible and certain return on their subscription investment.
At this stage, just simply Reserve Membership on our Membership Page. Once enrolled you can start to exercise your member's privileges and club rates by booking ahead for dining, rooms, live events, rural courses and wedding hire.
Lastly, please do join and become a Founding Member to help advance the future of a very treasured and quintessentially English asset, in fact, the only Pot Kiln in the United Kingdom.

Thank you.

Katie Robinson / Club Secretary